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Meet Our Artists

Who are the Neon Knights? Just two married nerds with over a decade of tattooing experience

Joe and Sara each bring their own unique voice to the tattoo world with their own personal style and touches. Keep scrolling to learn more about them and their art.

Joe Tricomi - ATX Tattoo Artist

Joe Tricomi

Favorite things to tattoo: Biomech, Full-color Illustrations, and Sci/Fi Fantasy subjects

Joe has always been interested in tattoos, ever since his mom was taking him with to her appointments on her back piece. After graduating from Ringling College of Art & Design, then spending a few years in graphic design, Joe was finally able to accomplish his dream of tattooing in 2013 in Dallas, TX. He spent the next decade building his skills, climbing the industry social ladder, and working with some of the top artists in the world. 

Cut to 2022, after a marriage and move to Austin, TX, Joe focused on his next dream - creating a tattoo space that is approachable, safe, and 100% art driven. Taking inspiration from his childhood in South Beach, FL and nights playing (now retro) video games, Joe and his wife Sara are proud to bring you Neon Knights Tattoo Club! 

Sara Vodak - Austin Tattoo Artist.HEIC

Favorite Thing to Tattoo: Animals, Pop culture, and Anything That Makes You Smile!

Sara Vodak

Sara took the long road to tattooing, but that doesn't make her any less passionate about providing the best tattoos for her amazing clientele.

After graduating from UT Austin, Sara spent 11 years in the Dallas area as a digital marketing specialist which enabled her to spend her free time collecting tattoos from some of the top artists in the country. After years of false starts, teaching herself how to draw, and eventually marrying an accomplished artist (love you hun bun!), Sara was able to start her apprenticeship under her mentor and husband Joe Tricomi in 2022 after they moved down to Austin, TX. She is committed to providing the best client experience possible after spending so much time in the chair herself!

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